Principal Investigators

Laura Hernandez, PhD

Our laboratory focuses on performing cutting research in mammary gland physiology, having fun as a laboratory group, providing a lot of outreach and service not only in our community here on campus and in Madison, but across the country, and promoting a positive and inclusive working environment.

Currently we are working on various projects with the central theme being the involvement of serotonin on the regulation of milk synthesis and how that coordinates maternal metabolism. We are also interested on the impact of SSRI’s on reproduction and long-term maternal health. We use mouse, cow, sheep, and in vitro models to determine serotonin’s various roles governing maternal physiology.

Jimena Laporta, PhD

My laboratory investigates how autocrine and environmental factors affect mammary gland development and function and how early-life experiences (prenatal and/or post-natal) might program the offspring for life.

We are interested in unraveling the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which in utero heat stress impairs mammary gland physiology and milk output for multiple lactations and generations. We are also developing management practices and pharmacological interventions using serotonin to promote udder health, immune function, and energy metabolism of dairy cattle.

Follow us on Twitter: @llhlactationlab and @JimenaLaporta

Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison